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Hello, my name is

Uncle Jason

I have been dog sitting for over 10 years. It started as a way to help a good friend as her backup sitter, but when she moved out of state I happily took the opportunity to continue serving her clients.

Since then I have found myself with fur nieces and nephews all over the city. When you find joy in helping people and combine that with a love for animals it is easy to love what I do.


When your pet stays in their environment they easily become familiar with only one human as they follow their same routine. So go enjoy your trip, and come home to find a stress free and happy pet in a clean home.

reliable & Trustworthy

Leave your home knowing an experienced professional is taking care of things. Uncle Jason has tons of experience with aging pets and their many special and medical needs and is certified in pet CPR and first aid to provide top notch care.


Below you will find just a few clients remarks after using Uncle Jason pet services. More referrals are available upon request.

busy pet owners love Uncle Jason’s

Convenient in-home pet services

Leave knowing your home and pets are in great hands.

Schedule a walk or potty break during your busy day.

A safe ride for your dog/pet to a location or an appointment.

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